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Pure Prescriptions Pure Prescriptions draws upon leading-edge research, traditional medical wisdom and ongoing clinical experience to create truly innovative and unique products that offer exciting new ways to promote and protect health. Pure Prescriptions mission is to achieve this with total integrity in our natural products and as an organization. Our philosophy is that selling dietary supplements with integrity means making sure that we also educate each customer to the point from which they can comfortably make an informed decision about what supplements to use and how to use them.

Pure Prescriptions As you know, appropriate fruit and vegetable consumption is important for good nutritional health and appropriate weight maintenance. While the number of Americans who are either overweight or obese is increasing, the number of people who consume the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables is dropping. NewGreens™ is here to change that.

Pure Prescriptions Berry Fusion is an herbal superfood blend designed to provide the body with an unprecedented antioxidant punch and adaptogenic herbs known to increase stamina and physical energy. Along with fiber and healing enzymes to help detoxify the body, Berry Fusion is a complete daily superfood providing some of the best of what nature has to offer.

Vegan Fusion promotes the benefits of plant-based cuisine for our health and the preservation of the planet. In addition to our cookbooks, we offer chef trainings, and consulting services for restaurants, natural food stores and other food service settings that wish to include delectable and healthy vegan and raw foods on their menu. Our award-winning dishes embrace a full range of international vegan cuisine - from hearty comfort foods to lighter raw foods. We know that eating healthy can be a delicious gourmet experience.

IAGEN Biologics offers a variety of safe, unique and highly effective products. Incorporating traditional wisdom, leading-edge research and ongoing clinical involvement, IAGEN is devoted to meeting the needs of healthcare practictioners and healthminded individuals.

PureRXO™ is the first technology and managed service company of it's kind specifically tailored for the modern healthcare professional. PureRXO™ offers healthcare practitioners the opportunity to join the digital age by providing a true end-to-end, fully managed web, e-commerce and fulfillment solution.

Leucadia Health Innovations is a health centered company nestled in the small California beach town bearing its namesake. Primarily a health related design firm, Leucadia Health Innovations features a publishing division with the introduction of the Pure Wellness Book Series. The first series produced for Pure Prescriptions, Inc. is entitled “Pure Wellness Series: Cardiovascular Health” takes what you think you know about heart health and turns it inside out. This book celebrates the achievements of the cardiovascular warriors in medicine who decided to buck the system and change how we think about cardiovascular wellness.

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